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Brazil Nuts -- Raw Brazil Nuts -- Roasted with No Salt
We buy the freshest Brazil nuts gathered in the Amazon basin rain forests of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. These nuts are gathered in remote areas by local natives and buying them helps support the rain forest economy. Each year, as the rain forest is decimated, this crop gets scarcer and the price climbs. This has become a very popular item for us.
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When we roast Brazil Nuts, we often do not salt them because the brazil Nuts will be used for other products such as the making of chocolate Brazil Nuts. We consider the roasted and unsalted Brazil Nut to be more of an ingredient use, but we do have a consistent and loyal following using this nut - the tropical brazil Nut.
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Brazil Nuts -- Roasted & Salted Brazil Nuts -- Sliced
Our Brazil Nuts are a very popular item and we roast a tremendous quantity of them. A light dusting of salt gets them ready for our nut mix or just a great snack for you. The Brazil Nut is found in most of the nut mixtures we create in our plant and we use the freshest Brazil Nuts for these mixtures.
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There are cutomers who love to use the sliceed Brazil Nut for their baking or garnish needs. we heat the nuts up to make them pliable. If we slice them too cool, they shatter. if they are too hot, they overcook. so temperature is critical. We run the brazil Nuts through our Urschell CC slicer and we can slice over 4,000 pounds an hour of sliced brazil Nuts!
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Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts
We start with the freshest imported Brazil nuts, carefully roast them to perfection and let them cool overnight. Then we load them in a chocolate pan, drizzling them with chocolate as the drum turns until each nut is coated with a thick layer of chocolate. This takes about 1-1/2 hours and requires exacting work. Once the chocolate layer is ready, we load the entire batch into a ribbed finishing pan for another half an hour to give these nuts their glossy finish We end up with a spectacular product - chocolate covered brazil nuts!
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