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Shokaku Rice Crackers Toasted Green Peas
These giant crackers with a seaweed and soy base are a delicious Japanese specialty. What a conversation starter to serve guests! These crunchy peas are cooked lightly in oil, then dusted with just the right touch of salt for a nutritious and delicious snack.
Ajikura Crazy Mix Shiki Rice Cracker Mix
This exotic mix of Japanese rice crackers is a crunchy treat. Try them next time you're tempted to reach for the chips! The touch of soy sauce on these super-crunchy crackers makes them an irresistible snack!
Giant Tea Nuts Toasted Salted Sesame Sticks
Try our tea nuts instead of peanuts next time you want a snack. This soy-based treat is a healthy and delicious option. This is a delicious snack and a key ingredient in some of our popular snack mixes. Our special recipe includes bulgur and white wheat flours, sesame seeds, vegetable oil, tumeric and garlic to make this very tasty sesame stick.
Sesame Garlic Sticks Onion & Poppy Sesame Sticks
This is by far the most popular of the sesame sticks. We have used a terrific quantity of these sticks each year in our business, because people really enjoy the savory flavor. We use most of them as ingredients in trail mixes and have also found they're a hit as a condiment on salad bars or just as a snack.
These flavorful crackers are a popular snack.
Toasted Corn -- Salted Toasted Corn -- Mexicali
If you grow giant hydrid corn and want to make corn nuts, good luck! First you have to remove the husk, which is very difficult. Once the husk is removed by a special process, you pass the naked corn through a hot oil bath using a very expensive continuous cooker. It then needs to go through a precise salting process and be cooled to perfection. A lot of equipment is involved in making the very fine snack food and it's our pleasure to bring it to you!
We take the toasted corn nut and immerse it in a hot oil bath. Once it comes back up to a scalding temperature, we remove it from the oil, drain, and use a special coating to give the hot corn a special mexicali flavor.
Japanese Chili Bits
One of the most popular items in our store is the Japanese rice cracker. It has a bit of a hot garlic taste and we use it as an ingredient in the Sierra Trail Mix, the Inferno Trail Mix, and the Fiesta Trail Mix. People just love to nibble on these crackers. We import them from Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines.