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Almonds -- In Shell Brazil Nuts -- In Shell
We always buy the finest almonds from the best almond orchards. Cracking in-shell almonds around a roaring fire is a cozy way to spend your holidays with family and friends.
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Our Brazil Nuts are always a big hit and cracking them fresh from the shell is a terrific choice, especially during the holidays with family and friends. The polished Brazil Nut is imported from Bolivia and Peru. It's a nutritious snack with a distinctive sweet taste.
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Hazelnuts -- In Shell Assorted Mixed Nuts In Shell
Barcelona Hazelnuts are a prime orchard treat. This nut is prized for the "woodsy" taste and people love shucking the shell and finding perfect round nuts that are a real taste sensation.
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This popular variety of four different in shell nuts is a real treat for friends and family around the holidays. We blend Peerless almonds, Hartley walnuts, Barcelona hazelnuts, and Peruvian Brazil nuts in this festive mixture.
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Pecans -- In Shell Natural Pistachios -- In Shell
Pecans aren't just for baking! These in-shell Stuart Pecans are a real gourmet treat, perfect for an evening with friends and family in front of a roaring fire. Pecan shells are relatively easy to crack and the nut inside has a rich, sweet taste. We don't always have these in stock, so snatch them up while they're available!
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Shelling pistachios is part of the fun in eating them. And there's nothing like that crunchy sweet taste! Until a few years ago, pistachios were gathered from mountainsides in Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran. Now, the Kermit variety is raised in huge orchards in California and no pistachios are imported.
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Walnuts -- In Shell
The most popular in-shell nut is the Hartley Walnut. It is a big light colored nut, fun to crack and delicious right form the shell. These are fun to eat with friends around a crackling fire, but people also use them for craft projects around the holidays ... or even as a treat for a favorite pets.
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