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Whether you're melting them down for baking or just enjoying a treat, you'll love our wrapped caramels. These playful caramels are a unique and tasty treat.
Horehound Drops are a tasty treat that also soothes a dry sore throat. Tart and sweet, these colorful marbles are a flavor sensation.
Popular for weddings, these crunchy almonds are an ancient symbol of hope in many cultures. A fall classic, grab a handful of these colorful candies.
We carefully roast the almonds and let them cool overnight. Then we place the roasted almonds in a revolving pan where a sugar water solution is sprayed on them as they roll. We build up successive coats until the almonds have a hard, shiny covering. The name Jordan Almonds comes from the Greek and Mediterranean countries where this almond was coated to preserve it for future weddings, holidays, and festivities. Eating the Jordan Almond is considered a symbol of good luck!
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From cinnamon to anise to allspice, the special spicy bite of these gum drops makes them hard to resist.
These colorful gumdrops are a classic treat. The crisp candy coating and flavorful jelly filling make jelly beans an all-American favorite.
The crisp candy coating and flavorful jelly filling make jelly beans an all-American favorite. Peanut wrapped in chocolate in a crunchy candy shell, an all-American classic!
For baking or eating, these chocolate snacks in a candy shell are crunchy and sweet.
Just like you remember: toasted peanuts in a distinctive, sweet, crunchy red candy coating. They're not really beans, but these candy-coated peanuts are a classic treat.
If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll love this orange jelly candy with a dusting of sugar. What kid, young or old, doesn't love a chewy gummy bear? Add a few to your order to delight the kid in your life!
The common name for this was "chickenbones". Two companies made it for decades and the eastern version used a hard covering. Out west a softer covering was more traditional. Its popularity led to the butterfinger bar. The inside is a honey comb peanut butter center and the finished candy is dusted in a toasted coconut to keep the spun sugar from sticking to adjoining pieces. It is a very popular candy.
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Try these exotic sweets for snacking or chop them and sprinkle on fruit salad for tasty surprise.