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This colorful classic features a sweet jelly with just a touch of tart cherry. This is a terrific ingredient for breads or sweet cakes such as panetone. The dates are diced into a small size and covered with a date sugar, which is naturally produced from the date crop. Then the entire lot is rolled in oat flour to keep the dates from sticking together.
You won't want to miss these special dates, which are only available during the holiday season right after they are harvested in October. Deglett dates are extremely sweet and firm. They stay fresh longer than ordinary dates and their thick skin protects this date from abrasion by other dates in the box.
The white fig, commonly known as the Calimyrna Fig, is full of intense flavor, and often used as a culinary accent. You might be most familiar with the taste in the popular fig cookies which use the Calimyrna Fig paste in their sweet filling.