Rectangular Lithographed

It is extremey hard to find beautiful rectangular lithographed tins. They are scarce. The many companies that used to make them are mostly out of business.

The tins with hinged tops are very scarce. It took a special skilled person to feed a wire thread forming as hinge through both the top and the bottom parts to create a perfect joint.

Many of our tins in early years had hinged tops. We still have a few designs left. We have collect all of our tins for over 35 years. We offered them as our packaging for our holiday nut and chocolate selections. Every year we had some tins left over from the past holiday season - unused. Not enough tins for the next year, but still a lot of tins were kept in a ever increasing selection of stored tins. We kept these tins carefull stored them for many years.

We are now offering them for sale. Most are out of production and valuable

Once they are sold - there will be none to buy from us. And perhaps none of our tin offerings exist to buy new from any other source....

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