Round Decorative Tins

The most common available tins are now found in round shapes. The round tins are easier to make in large production runs, and a few companies still exist to sell them.

It does take skilled tradesmen to print bright patterns and scenes on a sheet of metal, cut out the forms, joining them together by crimping the pieces together with exact precision, and assembling the cover and the top to perfectly match. That is still an art.

But once a firm sets up huge production - it can be automated.

The few firms remaining set their sales to cater to the large chains who will order in vast amounts. Some of their patterns are readily available and some of the designs are retired. The items they have stopped making are lost and most of these works will never be replicated.

For over 35 years we bought these tins directly from these plants and filled them with holiday nuts in a wide selection. Over the decades we had left over unused tins that were carefully stored. Now we are offering this very unusual and collectable selection of the most unusual lithographed tins for you to buy. Once they are gone - if is unlikely that you will find them offered by any other firm. Our supply of any particular tin is limited so buy them now or you may miss out on a very special opportunity.

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