interesting facts about  nuts    


Nuts are found in mny forms on our planet. 

As we look closer - we find they take on very unusual characteristics.


Below I will tell you about a few unusual facts about various nuts


Interesting Facts

This is a collection of new worldwide insight into the history and use of nuts and seeds from growers and processors. You can find out all kinds of things about how they are grown and used.     

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message from: Richard Cosky

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As a self proclaimed cashew connoisseur I have to say thank you for producing an extraordinary product. When I was in Fortaleza, Brazil this year I fell in love with the fresh giant cashews and I didn't think I was ever going to find that specific taste again in the US, then I found your company. Your 160's Brazilian cashews are equal to and better than the Fortaleza roasted cashews - great job. Anyone that has eaten that "XXXX" the grocery stores sell needs to try your products.

Thanks for a great product. You have captured a grateful long term customer.


Reply to Richard:

We have been roasting all inds of nuts since 1952. Herman Schwarz owned the firm from 1952 until 1979. I have owned the firm since 1980 and am the second owner.

Over the many years we have perfeected the proper way to basket roast cashews to perfection. It is a special way of roasting and it gives an unusual flavor to the roasted nuts. While I do not expect to convert the world, tthousands of people have grown extremely fond of this special way of roasting nuts. If we were in the coffee industry, we would be considered a gourmet roasting firm. Our industry does not have gourmet nut roasting plants. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful comments. Please tell your friends so they can enjoy the same fine products.

By the way, I was in Fortaleza January of 2002 visiting cashew plants and I really loved the city.

Warmest regards, Gene Cohen