Our French Tempering Wheels


We own two French Tempering wheels.

They are awesome and we rely on them to make clusters and other items.

 We heat the melted chocolate up to 115 degrees and then rapidly drop the temperature to 90 degrees.

That makes the chocolate tempered which gives it gloss, snap, and a wonderful appearance.

The chocolate remains in temper for about 45 minutes....


below is a picture of these wheels

 french tempering wheels







picture showing tempering of seafoam chocolates


 chocolate seafoam

Tempering Chocolate

There are 6 oils in the cocoa bean.

When chocolate is produced, these 6 oils are part of the chocolate.

Two of the oils are hard to get dissolved into the chocolate. 

They need to be heated up to around 115 degrees.

Then they need to be cooled to around 90 degrees to be integrated with the chocolate to make a smooth, creamy chocolate mixture.

We use two special French tempering wheesl to temper.